These Things I Say…..

I haven’t been around much. There is much going on, to be sure, but quite honestly….I just don’t have the time for extended dialogues on the Interwebs when it’s still in the 70s in November. And, naturally, I’m horribly behind on the “Julia, the Autistic Muppet” train (did it even run for more than a day?) but here it goes. 

So the thing is, I just don’t quite fit in. I tried to become “The Autism Mom” when we found out, but quite frankly, that’s not me. Most of the parents I met in this new community were OBSESSED with what caused “it” and “who is to blame” and “I read on the internet that…..” Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not judging. If that is how you need to cope with it, then have at it. To each his own. For me, though, I knew those weren’t “my people.” 

Conversely, I didn’t fit in with other people, either. Most of my friends with kids around the same age immediately stopped hanging around or inviting us to things. You know, because autism is contagious and all. And those that didn’t have kids were already long-gone because we had a kid right away and stopped having free time after 9pm, when sleep was the only option palatable. 

So I just kind of sat in limbo for a while. Then suddenly, I was the “Autism Mom” and people seemed to ask me all about Autism. Which, as I eventually figured out, was mostly to make sure their kid didn’t have “it.” Then I put myself out there with my disdain for “Awareness Month” for a while. And finally, we just started living. The last part has actually been the best part, but I digress……here I am again. 

So Julia the Autism Muppet…..when I first heard about her, I was excited. First, it was a GIRL. Secondly, it was Sesame Street. Surely they couldn’t mess this up, right? So I read up on her…..and damn. She’s not only not a “real” Muppet (she isn’t on tv), she’s not really anything. The link I posted at the beginning sums up my feelings perfectly. 

Anyways…..I have more thoughts, but it’s TGIT (I refuse to watch the Browns tonight) and the kid is going to bed soon. Maybe I’ll write more tomorrow. Maybe I won’t. We’ll see!!

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